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Product Description:

Safety cabinets for safe storing flammable and hazardous substances, acids and alkalis, poisons and chemicals and also for storing flammable liquids and fire cabinets for pressure cylinders. Certified safety cabinets in accordance EN 14470-1 and EN 14470-2 with fire resistance of 15, 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Other information:

In our product range you will find fire cabinets for storage of flammable liquids and poisons. Safety plastic and all-plastic cabinets. Extraction and ventilation of safety cabinets with fire resistance. Safety cabinets for poisons and chemicals, drip pans and collection tanks. Suction units.

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Company Head Office:

Hlivická 416/24
Praha 8
181 00

Czech Republic


Contact Persons:

Ladislav Brukner
company agent
Tel.: +420 233 556 106
Fax: +420 233 312 407

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czech, english
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Safety cabinets Safety cabinets Safety cabinets Safety cabinets Safety cabinets


Product Name: Safety cabinets
Payment Terms: cash, invoice
Production Amount: subject of agreement Minimum Delivery Amount: subject of agreement
Unit Price: according to the current pricelist
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